Video: Fabricio Werdum stiffens wimpy UFC reporter with brutal leg kick

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By Jesse Holland

Hey, you know that mixed martial arts (MMA) reporter who likes to serve as cannon fodder for past and present Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) stars?

He’s back, and this time he’s throwing himself on the mercy of the Brazilian court.

His name is Aaron Tru, and if you’re thinking “Hey, that’s the punching bag who had his balls smashed by Ronda Rousey,” then you would be correct. So, why is he taking a leg kick from Fabricio Werdum? Probably because “Vai Cavalo” is so good at jiu-jitsu, he might inadvertently hurt the poor guy.

Not that taking a punishing leg kick is any better, but at least he can leave the gym under his own power.

Not sure if any of those kicks will come into play when Werdum goes head-to-head with reigning UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez this weekend at the UFC 188 pay-per-view (PPV) event in Mexico (details), as it could depend on who gasses first.

Assuming Velasquez is done playing the dozens on FOX.

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